Gloria U. from Miami, FL; traveled to Peru

I must say that overall we are satisfied and happy with the trip and we brought back many, many wonderful memories.

About the hotels. Sol y Luna is beautiful. The cabins and the landscape are gorgeous.
The Casa Cartagena was very, very nice. An interesting combination of colonial and modern decor. Loved the courtyard and the view of the Cristo. The two floor suite was very comfortable and the service was very good.
Lake Titicaca and the Titilaka Lodge were fabulous! The lodge is a two hour drive from the airport and that can be tiring, but once you get there you fall in love with the place. It is beautifully located and it is a very comfortable and relaxing lodge. This is the kind of place where one can take one tour a day and then have the rest of the day at leisure, either to go kayaking, or mountain bike riding, or simply relaxing and / or enjoying the view. We wish we could have enjoyed an extra day there, instead we spent two nights, but only one full day to get as much done as we could. Have to go back someday!
If we were to travel to any of the destinations you work with, I would not hesitate to contact you again or recommend you to our friends.
Thanks again for everything and I hope to hear from you soon.

July 2011

Ellen & Bennett G. from Westport, CT; traveled to Quito and the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

The trip was fabulous! It was surely one of the best vacations we have ever had. Seeing all of those rare animals, in this one of a kind place, was such a unique and amazing experience, especially for me, the daughter of very seasoned bird watchers! .. The ship was beautifully appointed and the service was great. Most of the guides were really good, with the exception of one or two who were difficult to understand and less adept at keeping the group focused than the others. We also loved the fact that we got so much exercise to counter all of the additional eating you do on a vacation. Also, the private guides we had in the cities were excellent.....Thank you so much for planning this wonderful trip for us... Anyway, we are back and looking forward to our next adventure, no more lazy, lying on the beach, vacations for us!

June 2011

Susan S. & family, from Wilmington, DE; traveled to the Galapagos Islands and Quito, Ecuador

...the trip was wonderful. We enjoyed the tours in Quito; maybe would have liked another day to go to the volcano. THe Galapagos trip was so much fun, interesting, educational, but not the least bit relaxing (but that is ok. We did not go to relax.) They accomodations on the ship were perfect, the staff extremely accomodating, food very good and a great first experience for us on a cruise. We really liked the snorkeling trips. We went to all the Naturalist talks and enjoyed learning about the islands. The Naturalists are so knowledgeable! ...

June 2011

Doug & Courtney from Chicago, IL; traveled to Peru

Overall, the trip was great. The local operator did a fantastic job every inch of the way, and their guides were really good. Our Cuzco hotel was great, and the Sol Y Luna in the Sacred Valley was absolutely delightful. You made a good recommendation by telling us to eat there, which we did both nights.
Thanks for all your support in getting this lined up. I’ll definitely pass along your name to anybody that I hear is planning to go to Peru!

May 2011

Marvin & Maria E. ; San Francisco, CA; traveled to the Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands and Peru

Again, I cannot say enough good things about the fantastic adventure you put together for us. I am sure I can say that I am speaking for all four of us. We have traveled far and wide around the world and this has been one of the most remarkable trips in so many ways.

May 2011

George & Bennie P. from Nuevo, CA; traveled to Argentina

Eitan: Thank you SO much for the work you did for us! We appreciated the room and the dinner (Fresh fish just caught from the river). All of your connections in Argentina were prompt, very helpful and professional. Alex in Iguazu and Javier down Bariloche were top notch. Thank you very much for all you have done for us, it was a remarkable trip. Heck, you even gave us great weather, good job!

March 2011

M. Heffner from California; traveled to Argentina & Chile

Our driver Pablo, besides being an excellent driver, was very informed of the historical points of the areas. He was professional, courteous, and fun to be with. He recommended a superior seafood restaurant on the playa at Vina Del Mar,,we had Ceviche and Conger Eel. He got us back to the Hotel by 5:00PM and we gave him a handsome gratuity. We are so impressed with Chile..wonderful people, great food, lovely weather, and an outstanding hotel, per your recommendation. All has gone very well and we are sad to depart..it went too fast!!! I can't thank you enough for your guidance and thorough preparation Eitan..we will rely on you in the future for all Latin America bookings!

March 2011

Todd R. from Safety Harbor, Florida; traveled to Peru and Easter Island, Chile.

We did truly love the trip you put together for us….once they figured out that we were okay not doing the planned itinerary and that we wanted to see for instance the "carnival parade in Cusco" that we lucked into being there on that day.....it was amazing.....all the native costumes from all the regions were represented and then Ali took us into the country for a "local" carnival that was truly a slice of "Andean" carnival, and she also took us to eat guinea pig at a place that only locals were....amazing and truly one of the best days we experienced other than of course Machu Picchu!!!!

March 2011

A. Stro from New York; Group Organizer, traveled on several trips

As a trip planner and organizer I work with many professionals in the industry. None are any better than Eitan Silberberg. The scope of his knowledge is enormous, his advice is always on target, and best of all his dedication to making sure that the job is done right makes Spiced Destinations a winner.

December 2010

Bobby B. from North Carolina; traveled to Argentina & Chile

The itinerary worked well. Not sure I would change anything. It was a lot of hotel changes, but no other way to see that many places.
We had good weather in Bariloche..We took a detour to see Lake Trafull - dirt road all the way, but it was worth see that lake!
The food in Remota lodge was amazingly good. They had a very low occupancy, so we only had one or two people in our excursions, which worked out well for us.It was worth seeing both sides of iguasu falls. The bird park on the Brasilian side wad amazing..
All the guides spoke enough English, and were very helpful. So overall, a very good trip. Now we are back to reality, and a lot of work to catch up on.
Thanks for all your assistance!

December 2010