HUB Porteño, Buenos Aires

HUB Porteño, Buenos Aires
HUB Porteño, Buenos Aires

Room rates start at: $387

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Rate is for low season, including full breakfast and does not include 21% taxes

A former private mansion of Paris Stone that once belonged to one of Argentina’s most prominent families, HUB Porteño is located in the heart of Recoleta, Buenos Aires. Characterized by leafy streets and Belle-Époque facades, Recoleta is the city’s most elegant neighborhood. The hotel lies half a block from the sophisticated shopping street of Avenida Alvear and a few minutes' walks from Recoleta cemetery. Its central location offers superb access to the city’s highlights.

With a proactive approach to their concierge service, HUB Porteño goes beyond the boundaries of the hotel walls to help guests connect with the best of the city’s culture. Host Gonzalo Robredo organizes tailor-made city experiences for his guests, connecting them with some of the city's most interesting characters, from Liberal Arts experts to Ivy League professors. A far cry from traditional tour guides, these passionate locals open up key aspects of the culture during unique experiences that range from tango to architecture, contemporary art to the booming culinary scene.


The 11 spacious suites range in size from 55sq m/592 sq ft to 95 sq m/1023 sq ft. Each is unique in design, creating the feeling of a private home, and includes antique furniture, priceless Argentine artwork and design pieces handcrafted by local artisans. Palatial bathrooms feature walk-in showers, double jacuzzi baths, cut glass mirrors, and crystal chandeliers.


Head Chef, Dante Liporace trained under Ferrán Adria at El Bulli and is one of the key chefs leading the culinary movement of ‘la Nueva Cocina Argentina’. At the fine-dining restaurant Tarquino, Dante employs various modern techniques to reinvent traditional porteño classics while elevating traditional cuts of Argentine meat to a fine dining level. His work has recently been profiled in the New York Times, Wallpaper magazine and Food+Wine, among others.